Thanks to some Japanese scientists we can now watch for the first time as a thought is being formed.  This is by all means a profound breakthrough even if it was just a fish thought that was captured.  Check out this amazing video and then consider what the implications of this research might mean for those of us interested in human learning and specifically learning disabilities.  For years now we have been able to point to MRI photos that show the differences in the brains between typical readers and dyslexic readers as they read and interpret data.  I’m very excited about the prospects of literally being able to watch in real time as thoughts are being formed as individuals read and learn.  Imagine real-time video footage of diverse learners as they think, read, and react to a variety of differentiated learning strategies. Imagine being able to determine which instructional strategies invigorate and challenge the brain more than others. Imagine literally watching the difference between critical and complex thinking and simplistic thought processes.  I know that seems like weighty stuff, but I’m looking forward to it!