By Chester Goad

dark shadows running against a night cityscape

Photo from gamerfitnation.com

We are Americans.

On Monday, we run.

We run to work. We run factories, businesses, construction sites, computer networks, and even our government.

We run to schools.  We run to grade schools, middle schools, high schools, trade schools, and colleges.

We run to the doctor for a check-up, by the bank to cash a check. We run to drop off the bills, then swing by the post office to mail a package before it’s too late.

On Tuesday, we run.

We run the garbage up the paved driveway to the top of the hill.  We run to work again.  We run to school again.  Maybe we run by the hospital to check on a friend. We run by the bakery to pick up cupcakes for the birthday party.  We run home–grab the dog or the cat, and then we run them to the vet and home again– real fast so we can cook dinner before she gets home.

On Wednesday, we run.

We run to work and school again.  We’re not sure we’re going to make it through Wednesday, but we smile and we run some more. We run to sweat at the fitness center. We run by the pharmacy, and maybe by the funeral home. We run for some blood work. Then we run to the recital and after we run to bed, our thoughts race too.

On Thursday, we run.

We’re late! We run and grab a shower. We run here and there all scatter-brained. We run to work and school again.  We run to the library. We almost forget to run by the barbershop.  We run out of milk and so we run grab some.  We run to the park, to a soccer game or to little league baseball.  HOME RUN!

On Friday, we run.

We run to work and school—One. More. Time.  We run and cash a pay check and pay some more bills.  We run pick up a load of 6th grade boys for a sleepover. We run out of pizza and…patience.  We run out of energy.

On Saturday, we run.

We sleep in, but we still get up and run.  We run to practices, to the grocery store, to find new running shoes.  We run to the zoo, to a concert, or into the arms of someone we adore. Yeah man, we run.

On Sunday, we run.

We sleep in, we run to the kitchen to scramble some eggs.

We run to our houses of worship. We pray for our soldiers, our sick, our hungry, our weeping, our hurting, our champions, and even our enemies.  We run out to wash and wax the car.  We run out to the barn to check on a calf. We run through the channels on the tv.

We race for a cure. We chase our dreams. We run for a reason.

We run with New York, Nashville, New Jersey, New Orleans, and Newtown.
We run with Colorado, Denver and Littleton and beyond. We run from East to West. We run from North to South.

We run for Boston and our tears run WITH THEM.

We run barefoot through blades of Kentucky bluegrass, and through the hot white sandy beaches of California, Florida, and Hawaii.  We run in hiking boots, flip-flops, tennis shoes, steel toed work boots, wingtips, ballet slippers, and even in high heels.

We are America.  There is no stopwatch for freedom.  Remember, these colors don’t run.

We keep running toward our futures, our hopes, our dreams.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

365 days.

We run.

We run FOR.

We run TO.

We run WITH.



We run AHEAD.

But –

We DO not.
We do NOT.


We will not.

Run against.

Run without.

Run away or


–Dedicated to the people of Boston.  We are running with you. May we continue running our own lives and our own way of life without fear.

(Chester Goad is founder of The Edventurist blog, an adult living with ADD, a university administrator, writer, speaker, and disability advocate, who is committed to making life better and more fun for people with attention deficit and dyslexia. He is a licensed teacher, former school principal, and former youth pastor.)