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Malcolm Gladwell, Author of David & Goliath, photo courtesy of /Bill Wadman

If you’re a Malcolm Gladwell fan, you’ll be happy to know his new work, “David & Goliath” has been released.  As usual, Gladwell’s interesting take on the world and on a variety of topics  will capture your attention and keep it. This time, he’s talking about underdogs.  We all like a good underdog, but I’d bet most have never thought of underdogs this way before!  Check out this clip from NPR’s Marketplace, and then give me some feedback on Gladwell’s perspective of underdogs as well as his perspective on dyslexia.

CHECKOUT THE MARKETPLACE SEGMENT HERE:  Malcolm Gladwell Talks Underdogs and Dyslexia

Other thought-provoking works by Malcolm Gladwell include “The Outliers”, & “The Tipping Point”.

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