The “Dyslexia is Real” Bill is picking up steam on capitol hill in Nashville! Please share the good news!

Senator Becky Duncan Massey, of the 6th senate district and the bill’s sponsor on the senate side has placed the bill (SB 2002) on notice and it is expected to be presented in the Senate education committee, Wednesday, February 5th at 3:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, HB 1735,  the house bill has also made its way to the House of Representatives Education Committee and has been assigned to the Education Sub-Committee with an expected hearing date of Tuesday, March 4th.  Supporters of the bill continue working with passion and purpose to raise awareness about the bill and gather additional support around the state and especially among the legislature.

The Dyslexia Alliance was formed with passion and purpose as an umbrella group consisting of members of the Tennessee Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, the parent advocacy group, Decoding Dyslexia, and others who have been touched professionally or personally by dyslexia.

senator becky duncan massey meets supporers

SB 2002 sponsor “Senator, Becky Duncan Massey meets with members of the TN Dyslexia Alliance. L-R: Dr. Chester Goad, (one of the bill’s originators and member of TNIDA), and Alliance Members, Eileen Miller, Melissa Tackett, & Dr. Michael Hart of Decoding Dyslexia. (Absent: TNIDA President, Emily Dempster, & Dr. Jim Herman, also originators of the bill.)

Representative Sexton meets with Dyslexia Alliance

Rep. Cameron Sexton, who introduced HB 1735 in the house meets with Dyslexia Alliance members. R-L: Dr. Chester Goad, (one of the bill’s originators and a member of TN-IDA) as well as Dyslexia Alliance members from Decoding Dyslexia. (Absent TN-IDA President Emily Dempster, & Dr. Jim Herman, TN-IDA Board member, also bill originators).