chester goad, governor haslam

TN Governor Bill Haslam Signs Dyslexia Bill into Law
Left to Right: Bill Sponsor, Rep. Cameron Sexton, Dr. Chester Goad, Emily Dempster, Dr. Jim Herman, and Senate Bill Sponsor, Senator Becky Duncan Massey.

 Hi Friends,

My apologies! This post is much later than I had expected! I wanted my next post to feature the Governor’s formal signing ceremony of the Dyslexia is Real Law. So I’ve been waiting. That ceremony was held in Nashville last week. The Governor signed the bill formally, at War Memorial Auditorium on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. Check out the pic!

Exciting Changes Coming!

When I founded the EdVenturist blog several years ago, I wasn’t sure where it was headed. I’ve always been interested in many things, and I knew I wanted to bring attention to an issue. I asked myself who in the world would read it?

I am proud to say that the Edventurist blog is visited regularly, and since it was established, it has been visited by guests and readers from 146 countries, most visitors came from the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia. In addition, this blog has been read by people from as far away as Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, and Morocco!

The most frequently read topics on the Edventurist page so far have been: Dyslexia, ADHD, the Brain, and my personal commentaries. The top referral visitors came from Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and the most navigated search engine pointing people in my direction was of course, Google!

I’m thrilled that Dyslexia is finally getting much needed attention, and that legislators, and state officials have begun to realize the benefits of providing teachers and pre-teachers with the tools they need to teach students who learn differently. I hope to continue my involvement with dyslexia, and I especially hope to see successful implementation of this important legislation both within our K-12 systems and higher education.

Now for the big news!

If you follow the Edventurist blog at all, you already know that there’s always been a section on leadership. Personally, I simply could not have founded any blog without at least addressing leadership. It’s that important to me. So, I created a Leadership section. I am a leadership nerd. I read books on leadership. I read leadership blogs. I watch leadership videos…just for fun.

Now that dyslexia is finally gaining traction, and now that our state is emphasizing dyslexia in trainings and so forth, leadership will become one of the primary topics on this site. The timing could not be better as …drum roll…the date for release of my first book gets closer!   That’s right, we are shooting for an August release date for my very own book of inspiration and guiding principles… Purple People Leader. I’ll be providing updates over the course of the summer, and I hope to have a review manuscript in my hands as early as next week! In the meantime check out the website! 

I hope you’ll continue visiting the Edventurist blog, and I promise to continue highlighting any noteworthy dyslexia news, and to keep those resources updated. I’m looking forward to sharing with you some inspiration and insight into purple leadership! Thanks for sticking with me through the years.




(Dr. Chester Goad is founder of The Edventurist blog, an adult living with ADD, a university administrator, writer, speaker, dyslexia and disability advocate. He is a licensed teacher, and former school principal. He also likes pistachios, and a tall Veranda Blend with half and half from Starbucks.  The opinions on the blog are his own, and he has a lot of them. If you’d like Dr. Goad to come and speak to your group you can email him: Dr. Goad is the author of the forthcoming book, Purple People Leader an inspirational how to guide to Protect Unity, Release Politics, and Lead Everyone!  His favorite color is purple and always has been.)