hands of different cultures reaching out in a circle Dear Readers, Friends & Family,
I’m just throwing it out there: I write & I want to help people who are doing great things for their community, their country, or their world. If you know someone who fits that, have them email me personally. You can also email me, but I’ll need comprehensive contact info and a summary of what they’re doing.
If their purpose fits my project, I just may interview them, write something for them and/or help promote their message. As you can imagine, I can only do a few of these so don’t be offended if you submit something and I don’t contact you. I’ll contact you if I think it’s a good basis for a story.
Disclaimer: I promise whatever you are doing to fulfill your purpose is important!  It just may not fit what I am looking for at this moment. If you don’t hear from me, don’t be discouraged. I’ll enter everyone into a spread sheet for later. Just because it’s not the right fit today, doesn’t mean it won’t be the right down the road.

Some posts may be full length articles, some may be shorter features, and still others may be included in a multi-highlight article. Now if youyoung homeless boy sleeping on the bridge, poverty, city, street know someone giving it all they’ve got to change their world, let me know. It needs to be someone who has put their plan into action, who is already witnessing results. Also, it can certainly be faith-based but it doesn’t have to be, as long as it’s an attempt at lasting or meaningful positive change.

There are so many unsung heroes. Let’s get them and their life purpose and passion out there for others to see! If you want to read some of what I’ve written just go to my website or Google my name and Huffington Post, or my name and The Good Men Project. It will bring me joy to help others fulfill their purpose. This is sincere, and free. No gimmicks.
Submissions should be sent to: ChesterGoad@gmail.com with “Change the World” in the subject line. I cannot silhouette of small child standing in the setting sunlight promise where the article or feature will be published. It may just be published to my own site, but remember I also write for multiple outlets and will pursue those as well.
I will be the person reading the submissions. The only thing I promise is that if you send me someone’s name and project ( sorry no political issues, no businesses, with the exception of social entrepreneurs)– I will pray for you and for them, and I’ll consider writing about what they’re doing. Now go! And Feel free to share! 

Who is Chester? An expert in leadership, Chester is also a leading influencer in social reputation, education, non-profit advocacy, parenting issues, access, policy, and blogging culture. Chester has been quoted in major media outlets such as CNBC, Yahoo, the Washington Post, Forbes Leadership, and others. He is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post The Good Men Project, and Edutopia.  He has a heart for helping people, and for helping others who help people. You can learn more about Chester and his Amazon #1 Best Seller at www.purplepeopleleaderbook.com or www.chestergoad.comHe and his wife live in Tennessee with their teenage son. He hopes to leave a legacy of living and fulfilling God’s purpose for his life, whatever that may be, and making a difference.  What’s your purpose?