A large tree grows with logos of various social media platforms serving as leavesAny person who bears the title of online or digital creator, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, speaker, business owner, publicist, promoter, branding expert, social entrepreneur, or is otherwise called a creative or leader can relate.  Family or friends see you glued to your smart device or laptop half-jokingly refer to your inability to separate. Lighthearted quips, pleas to unplug, innocent but guilt-laden mentions of doing other things, or offers for alternatives to how you’re spending your time ensue.

At times it’s enough to make committed creators or entrepreneurs blow their stacks or scream, “I’m not slacking! I’m blogging, tweeting, posting, pinning, and pasting with passion in order to grow my purpose!”

But here’s something to think about: Our friends, family, and coworkers have not attended all the seminars and workshops we’ve attended.  They haven’t personally developed a website, written a blog, or joined a mastermind group.  At least in most cases, they may not even know what any of that is. While it is easy to become guilt-ridden by not meeting expectations of others (Check out my recent article on Guilt here). It’s possible to get past the guilt, and to lessen the harmful effects of those light jabs, snide comments, and glares of consternation. Here are three easy points to remember that will help us do that:

1. TEACH. Take every opportunity to teach the people around you.  Spending some extra time explaining what you’re doing and why will help curb the curiosity and confusion about why you’re working even when you’re not “working”.

2. INVOLVE. One of the best things we can do is involve our family or those we love in the pursuit of our purpose. an intersection sign reads passion priorities expectations and other stuff with guilt in the very center After all, if we truly feel like we’re living out our purpose that means those around us are included in that too. But to what extent?  And, are they enjoying what it means for them? Whether we admit it or not, those we love are along for the ride anyway. So we need to officially invite them to join us on the journey.

3. SHARE RESULTS. The proof is in the pudding. If you’re writing, churning out product, or speaking at events they’ll see it.  Let the evidence speak for itself. I admit, the results of what we do are not always visible or appreciated in the moment, but the more others see of what’s being accomplished in pursuit of our product the more supportive they’ll be.  Share the results even when they’re not that great. Everyone knows the life of a creator, entrepreneur or emerging speaker or artist is not glamorous and doesn’t always yield the results we were hoping for. Sharing our results with those who care about us is a win-win.

man in in ripped jeans works on computer in his lap while a dog looks lovingly for attentionThere’s a lot of work to be done, and it’s easy to feel alone.  Unfortunately, much of the work often has to be completed on our own, and that fact can keep others guessing as to what we’re up to.  Most often what we perceive as someone’s judgement is simply their curiosity. As an aside, we have to be careful not to neglect those who support us or our other responsibilities. In reality though remind yourself that most often, what others see as slacking is pursuit of purpose. We have to be mindful that if we want others to appreciate our passions and pursuits, we have to teach them, involve them, and share the results as often as we can in as many ways we can.

Who is Chester? An expert in leadership, Chester is also a leading influencer in social reputation, education, non-profit advocacy, parenting issues, access, policy, and blogging culture. Chester has been quoted in major media outlets such as CNBC, Yahoo, the Washington Post, Forbes Leadership, and others. He is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post The Good Men Project, and Edutopia.  He has a heart for helping people, and for helping others who help people. You can learn more about Chester and his Amazon #1 Best Seller at www.purplepeopleleaderbook.com or www.chestergoad.comHe and his wife live in Tennessee with their teenage son. He hopes to leave a legacy of living and fulfilling God’s purpose for his life, whatever that may be, and making a difference.  What’s your purpose?  Connect with Chester on your favorite social media and let him know.