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Photo courtesy Malcolm McCutcheon, Anacortes, WA , July 4, 2016

There is no better day to talk about leadership than Independence Day!  Most of us who write or speak or create things, have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong independent streak and desire to become fully independent and able to do what we love forever and full-time.  As a writer, I’ve always been drawn to the notion of freedoms—and being able to create, and do things with a level of independence.

No one was better at taking a great idea and making it extraordinary than our nation’s founders. They were true leaders who sacrificed, and dedicated their minds, souls, and lives for the very idea of this great nation. I’m thankful they were committed and determined to protect and preserve their great idea (America) with their collective wisdom resulting in our freedom, and liberty.

In honor of Independence Day and in honor of the Founders and Framers of our freedoms, here are five questions for leaders to consider:

What’s your big idea? Not all leaders are creators, or entrepreneurs, but effective leaders surround themselves chalk board reads whats your big ideawith innovators. And most leaders have big ideas about how to more efficiently and more effectively lead.  Consider your ideas, and the ideas of your team.  Are they big ideas? Could they be bigger? Are you encouraging new ideas? You should be!

What does your commitment look like in practice? Leaders are listeners, and they’re willing to change course when a good idea becomes a bad one. They’re also willing to fight for a good idea when they believe it has the potential to be great.

How determined are you to see to it that great ideas are put in motion and practice? Leaders are willing to go to the mat to ensure that good ideas (theirs or those of their team) become tangible products or practices. Nothing is more frustrating than having to watch good ideas languish, and effective leaders won’t allow that to happen.

Who’s responsible? Who’s responsible for protecting the big ideas, or the products or practices developed from those big ideas? Leaders that’s who.  If you believe in an idea, product or practice, by virtue and honor of being the leader you’re responsible for protecting and maintaining it.

Is your big idea growing or spreading?  Wise leaders find ways to improve even the greatest of ideas. And who could argue that great ideas should not be expanded or shared?

I hope you’re turning your good ideas into great ones and that ultimately your great ideas will make a difference in

the american flag and grinder house coffee sign

The  American Flag waves in the breeze outside my favorite coffee shop, GrinderHouse Coffee.

our world, just like our Founding Father’s did. Happy Independence Day!

All my best, all the time,


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