man in suit works manual laborFriends, be proud of what you do.

We’ve all been placed where we are on purpose no matter what the job or the task for such a time as this. You may be there a week, a day, a year or ten. Not everyone is meant to be on the front lines and not everyone is meant to be in the shadows. Every job we do is important, and it’s crucial that we pour our hearts into it.

Consider this, when we salute and honor those who serve our military, we never ask what job they had when we honor them. We simply honor them. We honor them because they were willing to step up on behalf of a great country. We salute them because in a unique and special way, they faithfully contributed to a great cause. They committed to being ready for battle in season and out and using whatever their skills were to protect the greater good in times of war and peace. Every job matters. Every position is key. If your assignment changes, be faithful until it changes again. Be faithful to the end. Don’t let the world determine that one thing is more important than another.

Respect everyone for their contribution, support them in their positions, encourage, lift up and lead where you can. We’re all in a battle, and when it comes to the unseen, we’re all on active duty for the greatest cause.

Colossians says, “Whatever you do, do it with all your heart as if it’s for the Lord, and not merely for men.”

There’s a plan. You’re part of it. You matter. What you do matters. Just be faithful, and in the end you’ll hear “Well done.” We’re all cheering you on and you will be remembered for your faithfulness.

All the best,