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About Me

Thanks for being interested enough to click and learn more about me.  What’s there to know?  Let’s see, I grew up in Appalachia (pronounced Apple-Atcha–that actually matters where I come from).  I’m the son of an auto mechanics teacher, and a retail sales gal, who fell in love and raised us in small town USA.  That’s where I grew up. So who am I?  I’ll admit it’s taken some time to figure all that out, but along the way, I’ve been a teacher, a principal, a congressional staffer, a Dean, and a whole lot more. Through all of that I’ve figured out I value, Leadership, Learning and Life more than anything.  I’m a dreamer who decided a few years back to stop dreaming so much and actually make things happen, and I want to help you do that too!    Whether it’s helping you and your team find better ways to lead, or teaching folks different ways to teach and learn, or speaking about leadership, learning, or life in general, I’m your guy.  I’ve been speaking and presenting for years, and I’ve presented from Appalachia to Africa and many places in between.   Search the site, and check out all the ways I’d like to help you, and then contact me if you need me!  I’d also love it if you’d connect with me on all the social media sites that keep us nosy, laughing, and off task.  For now, keep leading, learning, and living!

—All my best, all the time, Chester

Email me at chestergoad@gmail.com  or find me on your favorite social media!

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