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10 Tips for Living & Dealing with Anxiety in Relationships & Families

10 Tips for Living & Dealing with Anxiety in Relationships & Families

I once knew a high school football player (I’ll call him Jay) who was destined to go places. He’d played football since he was in elementary school, and by the time he reached his freshman year of high school he had already being watched closely. Jay had always dealt with anxiety but when he hit […]

4 Differences between Helicopter Parents and Tethered Parents

4 Differences between Helicopter Parents and Tethered Parents

Chester Goad, EdD For the last couple of decades the term “Helicopter Parent” has become synonymous for parents others consider too involved in the lives of their children.  At one time, the term “helicopter” implied “someone who hovers”.  People would chuckle, “Oh, don’t mind her, she’s just a helicopter parent.” Within the last few years, […]

Head-banging, Massage, and Dyslexia: A Proper East African Welcome

An elderly African man dressed in brightly colored traditional African clothing had sat in the opposite aisle-seat to mine for what seemed liked days but in reality had been only about 16 hours.  We had not spoken one time.  Granted it was an evening flight and everyone was tired, but I had tried to make […]

Going Home!

Well, it is official! I have accepted the invitation to present to the teachers at my very own elementary school!  This should be great fun!  I’m looking forward to it! Oneida Elementary School, May 16th, 2012.


MARCH 16th: Cumberland County Board of Education, Grace Community Church, TN APRIL 11-13: Tennessee Association on Higher Education & Disability, University of Memphis, TN

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I’ve been invited to do a lot of things and I never pass up a good opportunity to meet people and step out and do something different.  I was invited recently to judge a “Classic Car Show” in my city and as much as I love speaking to groups, I learned today that I really appreciate classic cars and […]

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