17 Ways to Make Your Church More Welcoming

17 Ways to Make Your Church More Welcoming

Is everyone welcome at your church? I know you’re thinking, “That’s crazy. Of course everyone is welcome.” Don’t be defensive my friend. I mean, really, really welcome. Like not just in theory, but in practice. If we want to be welcoming we have to be on the offense. We need to be proactive but we […]

4 Differences between Helicopter Parents and Tethered Parents

4 Differences between Helicopter Parents and Tethered Parents

Chester Goad, EdD For the last couple of decades the term “Helicopter Parent” has become synonymous for parents others consider too involved in the lives of their children.  At one time, the term “helicopter” implied “someone who hovers”.  People would chuckle, “Oh, don’t mind her, she’s just a helicopter parent.” Within the last few years, […]

What about the “Value Added” by Teachers Already Meeting Expectations?

By Chester Goad This is not a political post. It is not a cry for or against reforms, nor is it pro or anti-union. It is not a whiney rant about accountability, and I am not railing against the evils of high-stakes testing. This is simply an observation, so stick with me for a minute. […]

U.S. Lawmakers Vote to Fully Fund IDEA! Address Dyslexia, SPED Salaries, & Emerging Technology!

Reported by The Edventurist, Chester Goad In what was considered by most to be an unexpected move by US lawmakers, the House of Representatives passed sweeping disability-related legislation believed by many to be the most significant contribution to students with disabilities in U.S. history. The legislation referred to as H.R. 1975 was met with little opposition […]

Head-banging, Massage, and Dyslexia: A Proper East African Welcome

An elderly African man dressed in brightly colored traditional African clothing had sat in the opposite aisle-seat to mine for what seemed liked days but in reality had been only about 16 hours.  We had not spoken one time.  Granted it was an evening flight and everyone was tired, but I had tried to make […]

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