Second Act. Class Act. A Conversation with Amy Roloff

For over 12 years now, the Roloff family has allowed us into their lives giving us a glimpse of what it’s like to be a little person in a world that is predominately designed for bigger people.  What we have learned from the Roloffs–and what might just be the greater point of the show is […]

Unity?  Chris Tomlin is Praying for a Miracle and You Can Join Him at a Theater Near You

Unity? Chris Tomlin is Praying for a Miracle and You Can Join Him at a Theater Near You

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing one of the world’s most notable worship leaders.  I hope you’ll find a moment to check it out below. When and where was the last time you prayed? Chances are it wasn’t at your local movie theater. But if Chris Tomlin’s prayers are answered, on October 25th theaters […]

Protect Your Team in 2016: Five Ways Leaders Survive Election Season

Protect Your Team in 2016: Five Ways Leaders Survive Election Season

Do you have friends or a co-workers who are hyper-political, easily offended or overly charged when it comes to politics? Do the folks on your team argue over state or national elections? Maybe the most opinionated person is you? It’s disconcerting when your coworkers are overzealous but what’s even more problematic is the hyper-political leader. […]

Success in Nebraska!

Success in Nebraska!

Hi Folks, I’m fresh off a week long event speaking in Nebraska. I had a fantastic time presenting on Leadership Integrity, and Leaving a Legacy of Trust. This particular booking was for a university’s faculty development week and the overall theme was “Unlocking the Leader Within”.  Each speaking engagement was broken into groups of university […]

Why November Matters for Dyslexia

Why November Matters for Dyslexia

By Chester Goad, EdD October may be Dyslexia Month, but this year the more important month for dyslexia advocates may actually be November.  Terrorism, immigration, the economy, and continued healthcare issues, are dominating the news, but the impact of the midterm elections on the issue of dyslexia must not go unnoticed. While parents, teachers, and […]

Book Release September! Check out the book site.

Hello all!  The Edventurist Blog isn’t going anywhere, but the site for my new book is up!  I’d love for you to check it out. This is my first stab at non-fiction. “Purple People Leader: How to Protect Unity, Release Politics, & Lead Everyone: Inspiration, Wisdom, & Tips for Leading Purple” will release in September on […]

The Bill is Signed & We’re On our Way to a More Purple World!

   Hi Friends, My apologies! This post is much later than I had expected! I wanted my next post to feature the Governor’s formal signing ceremony of the Dyslexia is Real Law. So I’ve been waiting. That ceremony was held in Nashville last week. The Governor signed the bill formally, at War Memorial Auditorium on Tuesday, […]

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