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Who doesn’t love a podcast? Who doesn’t enjoy an interesting story? The Leaderbyte Stories podcast is here!  In bite-sized conversations we’re making unique connections between leadership, learning, and life through threads of faith and the power of story. Each episode features stories, insightful interviews and discussions with and about leaders from all walks of life. Find out what they’re doing not only in their day jobs but outside their day jobs to make a difference and learn tips for leading with purpose in your professional and personal life.  I love sharing these stories of incredible people changing their world one purpose at a time. I believe that Leadership is a conversation worth having and I hope you’ll join in and subscribe to Leaderbyte Stories on iTunes or on podbean.

–All my best, all the time, Chester

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Leaderbyte Stories: Episode 29

by with Chester Goad | Leaderbyte Stories: Consistency for the Win

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If you want to get a feel for my writing and speaking vibe, maybe check out my articles on Huffington Post here.  Or my writing on, Edutopia, The Good Men Project, Learning Ally and lots of other places. Of course you can check out my Blog, THE GOAD POST where you can read original articles and thoughts, or listen to some Leaderbyte Stories podcast episodes. Or follow me on social media.  I’m just a guy who likes to have fun telling stories and helping you change the world. I make my difference helping you make yours.