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We learn everyday.  My life is consumed by learning.  I’ve been blessed with opportunities to learn through experiences, from others, by teaching and attending school.  How can I help you? Maybe you need some advice or direction for your kids.  Or maybe you need some advice or direction yourself.  Maybe you never finished your degree or you have an educational dream but just don’t know how to go about it.  I can help.  Email me, call me, or connect with me on social media and tell me how I can help.  I want to help you or those you love fulfill their learning dreams.

Here are a few links to learning-related articles I’ve written: 


Edutopia (George Lucas Foundation)

Apps to Support Diverse Learners 


Huffington Post

When Back to School Means Back to Being Scared for Kids with Disabilities 

10 Tips to Make Switching Schools Easier

5 Ways Educators Can Take Back Their Professional Narrative 


The Good Men Project

While We’re At It…5 Steps Toward Disability Equality

Deleting the “R” Word: What Men Can Do


Some media or article appearances, quotes, features related to learning:  

How Employers are Tapping Talents of Disabled Workers, CNBC

How to Pick the Right Back to School Computer, Yahoo Tech

Must Download Apps for College Students, US News & World Reports

How Your Helicopter Parent is Ruining Your Financial Life, Forbes

Is Your Child Bored in School, Care.com

The Best States for Special Education Teachers, GoodCall


Contact:  ChesterGoad@gmail.com


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