Life is amazing, beautiful, challenging, and sometimes painful but it’s always full of purpose.  You have purpose! One of the most fulfilling things for me is sharing stories and experiences from my life, and spending time helping others live the best life they can live through workshops, keynotes, writing, or coaching.  What are your dreams or aspirations?  What about your struggles? What is your purpose?  I’d love to help you find perspective. Stop chasing your dreams and let me help you catch them!

Below are a few articles I’ve written about life. Check them out! I’d be thrilled to hear about your life experiences too!

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5 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Son’s Reputation on Social Media


Here you’ll find a few of the articles I’ve been quoted or featured in a variety of life topics: 

6 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew, Verywell

When Teen’s Question Their Beliefs, All Parenting

OTC Drug Literacy for Teens and Kids, Washington Post

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Podcast related to Life 

Make Your Someday Today Podcast Appearance talking about Leadership, Learning, and Life.  Make Your Someday Today: Trevor Larene