Oh wow, it’s been an awesome couple of years.  I’ve done a number of interviews for radio, podcasts and even started my own, and I’ve interviewed with other media in major and local markets.  I’ve been busy talking to and listening to awesome people like you!  Have I met you yet? If not, I’d love to meet you and talk to you about leadership, learning and life!   It doesn’t have to be anything fancy like tv, radio, or podcasting –we can meet on Skype, Google Hangouts, or even in person at a local coffee shop (My favorite is Grinder House Coffee) (Have I mentioned I love coffee?).


You can find my writing in a variety of places but here are a few: 

I am a contributing writer for The Huffington Post

I am a contributing writer for The Good Men Project

I have guest posted for Paul Sohn’s Salt & Light

I have also guest posted for Learning Ally as well.

I’m also a featured writer for the George Lucas Foundation’s Edutopia.


In addition, I’ve been featured, quoted, or mentioned in the following: 

US News & World Reports

Washington Post

Forbes Leadership


Yahoo Tech

Psychology Today


All Parenting

Teen Life


and a whole bunch more.


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Some of my Podcast Interviews include:  

You Leading You with Sean Ackerman

Answers from Leadership Podcast with Joe Lalonde

Make Your Someday Today, Trevor Larene

Journey to Success, with Taylor Tagg


A Few of my most popular articles on Leadership, Learning, and Life:

Deleting the “R” Word: What Men Can Do

7 Things I Want My Son to Know about Leadership

What I Learned from My Mom as We Planned Her Funeral

5 Ways Parents Can Negatively Impact their Teen’s Reputations