Meet Me

I enjoy making unique connections between leadership, learning, & life through the power of story. I believe my purpose is making a difference helping other people make theirs. That means I wanna help you do what you love so you can help more people!

FUN STUFF–I love movies and tv, and actually dabble in acting, mostly in small speaking roles, extra work, and background for CMT, TVOne, and Oxygen. I’ve also performed in college theater, community theater, and professional theater.  Oh yeah, and one time Oprah disagreed with me on national tv so there’s that. I love listening to audio books, working out, family time, faith, food, and dogs. 

FORMAL BLAH, BLAH STUFF:  I’m a doctor, just not the medical kind—it’s a doctorate in leadership, I also have a masters in leadership, and my undergrad is English, Speech Communications and theatre. I’ve been a teacher, a principal and a dean.  I once worked as a US Congressional Staffer (that was back when everyone got along) and I’ve co-authored dyslexia legilsation in my state.  I’m passionate about making life and learning accessible and more welcoming for everyone.  I’ve also been quoted or featured in over 80 media outlets, like…US NEWS,  Psychology Today, CNBC, PBS Roadtrip Nation, FORBES, FORBES Leadership, Proctor & Gamble Parent, Teen Life and a bunch of other places (That’s a lot. …I know right!?).  

LEADERSHIP “CRED”–There are a lot of people on the web and social media claiming to be gurus in leadership but their “leadership” street cred is sorta sketchy or minimal.  I think we always have room to grow, but I’ve been fortunate to gain leadership experience in 1) education (as a principal, dean, and director), 2) with the federal government (as a staffer and Projects Director to a US Congressman, managing the district office), 3) with faith-based organizations (leadership with students and music), 4) leading non-profits and serving on non-profit boards, and 5) leading grassroots volunteer efforts! I’m confident my experience brings a lot to the table, and will go along way getting you what you need or where you need to be!

Anyway, I love sharing my own stories of leadership, learning and life with threads of faith, and I’d love to help you share yours!

But enough about me. How can I help you make your difference?



My Vibe?

If you want to get a feel for my writing and speaking vibe, maybe check out my articles on Huffington Post here,  or my writing on, Edutopia, The Good Men Project, Learning Ally and lots of other places. Of course you can check out my Blog, THE GOAD POST where you can read original articles and thoughts, or listen to some Leaderbyte Stories podcast episodes, or follow me on your favorite social media.  I’m just a guy who likes to have fun, telling stories and helping you change the world in your own unique way–in business or in life. I make my difference helping you make yours. How can I help you?