The services I provide all fall within my trio of favorite topics:  Leadership, Learning, and Life.  If you need any of the services listed here, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I want to help you make your difference in the world.  Check out the services below and email me at with any questions.


LEADERSHIP COACHING: Often we allow our own biases and perspectives to cloud the potential we see in others. I coach people (individuals or groups) into more effective leadership, by helping strengthen their leadership integrity and examining leadership bias.  I’ve been involved in leadership all my life from student council in high school, to student government in college, to my time as a principal and a dean, and my time leading non-profit organizations, my experience gives me some unique insight into leadership coaching. Let me help you grow as a leader or as a leadership team.  3 Sessions (1 hr each)  (individual)  / Group sessions negotiated. 

LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE: I have a variety of keynotes related to leadership that can be readily tailored for any event or to meet your group’s needs.  I have presented from Appalachia to Africa, and would be thrilled to share with you or your group. Two of my favorite topics are: “Making peace with politics and making progress with people” and “Leadership Integrity: From Bias to Better Leadership”.  Other topics upon request. Keynotes for 45+ minutes, plus travel. 

chester standing speaking to a crowd who are holding stress balls

Keynote for TACE. Music City Sheraton, April 2015.



LEARNING:  LEARNING SUCCESS COACHING FOR PARENTS and DIVERSE LEARNERS: Coaching parents of bright diverse learners to be better advocates for their kids in school and in life. Parents often struggle with choosing best services, alternatives, and programs for their kids. Many parents don’t understand their rights or the process of K-12 or the transition to college.  I can arm parents with the confidence they need to ensure access to education. As someone who grew up with ADD, who holds certification in Special Education, and as someone who regularly works with diverse learners and presents on the transition process, I can help you or your kids as you seek success and access.  For success or advocacy coaching or for transition services:   4 Sessions (1 hr each)

LEARNING & DEGREE COACHING:  NEVER FINISHED THAT DEGREE?  STILL ABD? I OFFER DISSERTATION AND EDUCATIONAL PURSUIT COACHING FOR ALL LEVELS:  I coach people in their pursuits of education, especially those who want to finish their dissertations or graduate degrees.  Statistics show that most people who enter doctoral programs never finish. With the right motivation, encouragement, and practical guidance, I can help you navigate the process and see you through to the end of the degree or other educational pursuits or processes. Make no mistake—you don’t have to have a degree or certification to lead, learn, or live life, but if that’s your life goal, I’ll help you take action and get there.  I’ve been there and done that. As an adult with ADD, it took me a little longer than most folks to get my degrees, but I finished my Masters and my Doctorate, and I’ll help you do the same.  If you just want help navigating the process, or pursuing some additional knowledge or credentials without a degree, I can help with that too!  7 Degree or Edu-Coaching Sessions (1 hr each)

LEARNING & ADVOCACY COACHING: I coach and mentor advocates and advocacy groups, parents and students by helping them make their difference in the world through public policy or educational processes.  You don’t necessarily need a lobbyist to get a law passed!  Helping advocates navigate politics or the legislative process so they can put their vision and purpose into practice and make lasting change is one of my passions. I’ll take my past experiences like working for the US Congress, and helping co-author and pass legislation in Tennessee, and my years of studying public policy, and combine all that to help you forward your group’s goals.  6 Sessions (1 hr each)  includes email access for 8 weeks. 

chester teaching in a classroom in africa

International School Faculty Learn about Disability Access and Dyslexia



LIFE COACHING:  Everyone needs a motivator, a listener, or a leader sometimes to help them take control of their life and follow their dreams.  Whatever your dream may be, let me help you not only chase it, but accomplish it.   Suggested: Two 1 hr sessions per month for 3 months (or more) for best results. 

LIFE PURSUITS:  EDITING & WRITING COACHING: INCLUDING EDITORIAL MANUSCRIPT REVIEW:  As a former high school English and communications teacher who has also served as a college writing instructor, I am more than happy to review your manuscripts.  Services vary from proofing and grammar, to stylistic advice, and feedback based on your target audience and preferences.  I am an experienced writer, blogger, and author with editing and review experience from basic essays and blogs, to dissertations, to press releases, reports, novellas and novels, we will work out a plan that fits your needs for timely feedback and quality review.  I sit on the Editorial Review Board for an internationally recognized professional academic journal and understand the importance of quality writing.  At the same time, as a creative at heart, I am flexible and adept at learning your “writing voice” and ensuring your voice is heard and not changed. per hour of editing/per hour coaching

LIFE PURSUITS: FAITH AND FAITH-BASED ACCESS COACHING:  One of the most unique things I do is help churches figure out how to be more welcoming in their outreach, programming, services, worship, and facility. Is everyone really welcome? They should be, and I can show you ways to accomplish that.  Let me help your faith-based group or organization grow by assisting you as you make your services, programs, classes, and facilities more welcoming and accessible to diverse learners and ability groups. Two initial visits, and initial half-day with your staff.  Consults and feedback thereafter included.    

chester goad speaking to large group of parents teachers students

Dr. Goad presents the Graduation Honors Keynote for those graduating with honors or distinction (April 2015)



SPEAKING:  Keynotes, presentations, seminars, motivational, and graduation speeches related to leadership, learning, and life.  Speaking fee plus travel will be determined after receipt of request.