LEADERSHIP COACHING: Often we allow our own biases and perspectives to cloud the potential we see in others or ourselves. I coach people (individuals or groups) into more effective leadership, by helping strengthen their leadership integrity and examining leadership bias.  I’ve been involved in leadership all my life and I’ve led schools, departments, and non-profit organizations. My experience gives me some unique insight into leadership coaching. Let me help you grow as a leader or as a leadership team.  3 Sessions (1 hr each)  (individual)  / Group sessions negotiated.  Contact:

LIFE COACHING:  Everyone needs a motivator, a listener, or a leader sometimes to help them take control of their life, find their purpose, and follow their dreams.  Whatever your dream may be, let me help you not only chase it, but accomplish it.   Suggested: Two 1 hr sessions per month for 3 months (or more) for best results.  Contact:

PUBLIC POLICY/ADVOCACY COACHING: I coach and mentor advocates and advocacy groups, parents and students by helping them make their difference in the world through public policy or educational processes.  You don’t necessarily need a lobbyist to get a law passed!  Helping advocates navigate politics or the legislative process so they can put their vision and purpose into practice and make lasting change is one of my passions. I’ll take my past experiences like working for the US Congress, co-authoring legislation in Tennessee, serving in public policy advisory roles, and my years of researching public policy, and I will combine all that to help you forward your group’s goals.  6 Sessions (1 hr each)  includes email access for 8 weeks.  Contact: