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Leaderbyte Conversation with Scott Kimsey on Faith, Family & Fury

Episode 20:  Scott Kimsey: Faith, Family, Friendship & Fury: A Fun Convo Leaderbyte Host Chester Goad interviews Scott Kimsey, Director of Basketball Operations for the Tennessee Fury. Scott talks about how leadership, sports, mission and purpose have impacted his life and gives us insight into staying motivated and grounded.  Chester and Scott reminisce about growing […]

How are you Smart? Wise Families Celebrate Different Kinds of Smart

How are you smart? Today’s Learning Guest Post is written by “Intentional Parenting” blogger and faith-based author Carole Sparks.  I love it when everyday families make learning an everyday conversation.  Carole’s family sat down together for a family discussion on what it means to be smart, and the results almost channel “Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences” […]

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