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When Kids Lie

When Kids Lie

By Chester Goad, EdD All kids dabble in stretching the truth or outright lying, and sure, it’s to their benefit to learn early that lies have consequences. One important thing for parents to consider however is there are often deeper reasons kids choose lying over honesty.  Avoidance of the truth may be an indicator of any […]


2013 was a busy year for dyslexia! Dyslexia in medicine.  Dyslexia in politics.  Dyslexia in literature, arts, entertainment, and more. Below is a list of the Top Dyslexia stories for 2013.  Scroll down to the bottom to see my predictions for next year.  Happy New Year and best wishes for 2014.  Remember: Whatever your issue, […]

Malcolm Gladwell Talks Underdogs & Dyslexia

If you’re a Malcolm Gladwell fan, you’ll be happy to know his new work, “David & Goliath” has been released.  As usual, Gladwell’s interesting take on the world and on a variety of topics  will capture your attention and keep it. This time, he’s talking about underdogs.  We all like a good underdog, but I’d bet most have never thought […]

What does a thought look like? Scientists capture fishy thoughts, but what does this mean?

Thanks to some Japanese scientists we can now watch for the first time as a thought is being formed.  This is by all means a profound breakthrough even if it was just a fish thought that was captured.  Check out this amazing video and then consider what the implications of this research might mean for […]


10 RESOLUTIONS FOR PEOPLE WITH DYSLEXIA OR ADHD  RESOLVE IN 2012 TO:   10. STEP UP!  Study or work hard!  Don’t just meet expectations exceed expectations.  In other words, do your part.  Obliterate the “lazy” stereotype with an incessant devotion to excellence. 9.  LEARN MORE!   We owe it to ourselves to learn as much as we […]

Tennessee Needs to Step It Up for Dyslexics-Checkout my Tennessean Article

http://www.tennessean.com/article/20111228/OPINION03/312280063/Dyslexics-seldom-get-needed-help Each year, a significant number of students are falling through the cracks in Tennessee. These are very bright students, often with superior IQs, who have a neurological, language-based learning disability called dyslexia. Due to their intelligence, they often do not qualify for any sort of special-education services, even though they struggle with reading comprehension, […]

Brown Bags and College Night Panels

So the beginning of September also marked the beginning of our newest Brown Bag Series on my University campus. So far, I’ve co-presented, an “Intro to disabilities” session and this week, I presented a session called, “The Art of Aspergers” in addition to presenting our new Universal Access Initiative to the campus diversity council. I […]

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