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4 Differences between Helicopter Parents and Tethered Parents

4 Differences between Helicopter Parents and Tethered Parents

Chester Goad, EdD For the last couple of decades the term “Helicopter Parent” has become synonymous for parents others consider too involved in the lives of their children.  At one time, the term “helicopter” implied “someone who hovers”.  People would chuckle, “Oh, don’t mind her, she’s just a helicopter parent.” Within the last few years, […]

DYSLEXIA BREAKTHROUGH: Encoding of Sound May Be the Key

Researchers associated with Northwestern University have identified “biological” processes associated with the known reading disconnect experienced by students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.  These same researchers attribute this disconnect to the way in which dyslexic brains “encode” information. For years, primary theories regarding dyslexia have focused mostly on “decoding” of information.  The differences between encoding and decoding can be […]

What does a thought look like? Scientists capture fishy thoughts, but what does this mean?

Thanks to some Japanese scientists we can now watch for the first time as a thought is being formed.  This is by all means a profound breakthrough even if it was just a fish thought that was captured.  Check out this amazing video and then consider what the implications of this research might mean for […]

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