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Best Used By: Has Your Career Met Its Shelf Life?

Best Used By: Has Your Career Met Its Shelf Life?

I read an article that resonated with me last year written by my friend Paul Sohn, author of Quarter-Life Calling, a book aimed primarily at millennials.  Strangely, I’ve found that I relate to millennials in lots of ways, and refuse to accept my age, especially now that I am closer to meeting my half-life.  I […]

5 Things Your Kids Will Always Remember about You

5 Things Your Kids Will Always Remember about You

Every moment is another chance to make a memory, and whether or not we realize it, we’re creating good or bad memories every day, while indifferent moments just fade away.  We all have regrets.  In reality, a number of woulda, coulda, shouldas, haunt us all, but there doesn’t have to be so many of those. […]

Happy Halloween!

Just a little bit of tongue in cheek fun!  Yes, we are a principal family!

Welcome to ChesterGoad.com!

Thanks for taking the time to drop by!  At ChesterGoad.com I’ve combined my three favorite topics, “Leadership, Learning, and Life”–all in one place.  I’m a leadership junkie. I read about it, I write about it, and I speak about it.  I also can’t stop learning and I’m driven to help others learn too! I’m pretty […]

Of Zippers, Smart Alecs & Trapper Keepers: Tale of an ADHDr.

I’ve just wrapped up my doctorate. That’s right. I am finally Dr. Goad. This realization that I have completed my higher education (in the formal sense of course) is one revelation that got me thinking about where I am and how I got here. I wanted to take a moment to encourage others who have attention […]

Official Trailer for Dislecksia: The Movie


This is an independent film. It should be ready soon. They are still in need of tax deductible donations. You can get your name included in the credits as a reward for giving! C’mon help out!

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