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Leaderbyte Podcast Conversation with Carole Sparks

“Don’t PURSUE Leadership. PURSUE People, and your Leadership will rise to the top.” –Carole Sparks Episode 21: Carole Sparks: Leaderbyte Host Chester Goad, talks with emerging, faith-based writer Carole Sparks who offers insight into her own creative process, advice on being a better leader, and the ultimate influence and inspiration for her writing. This was […]

4 Ways to “Press On” Rather than “Hang On” This Week & Beyond

4 Ways to “Press On” Rather than “Hang On” This Week & Beyond

As many of us head back to work I wanted to share some thoughts on victory and defeat.  It’s my hope that your first Monday of the New Year will bring only victory.  Of course, I realize victory means different things to different people.  Even so, we can tell when someone is living victoriously. It […]

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