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How are you Smart? Wise Families Celebrate Different Kinds of Smart

How are you smart? Today’s Learning Guest Post is written by “Intentional Parenting” blogger and faith-based author Carole Sparks.  I love it when everyday families make learning an everyday conversation.  Carole’s family sat down together for a family discussion on what it means to be smart, and the results almost channel “Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences” […]

4 Differences between Helicopter Parents and Tethered Parents

4 Differences between Helicopter Parents and Tethered Parents

Chester Goad, EdD For the last couple of decades the term “Helicopter Parent” has become synonymous for parents others consider too involved in the lives of their children.  At one time, the term “helicopter” implied “someone who hovers”.  People would chuckle, “Oh, don’t mind her, she’s just a helicopter parent.” Within the last few years, […]

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