A slimmer chester goad standing against the wall

Chester Goad after year one of the weightloss transformation. For more info listen to the podcast below.

One year has passed since I stayed up literally in tears worrying about dying. I had stepped on the scale and weighed almost 300 pounds. To be clear, the process or idea of dying is uncomfortable but doesn’t scare me in the sense of eternity. My faith is strong in that respect. It’s the consequences of dying that left me shaken and resolved to change. My parents both died in their 50s and Lord willing I will not leave my son in that same predicament.

So on December 26th last year—I simply said “no more”. I now weigh 225. Which to some I know seems like a lot, and of course I will continue to work. I will not give up. I will not quit. My goal was initially to lose 100 in a year. So in a sense I failed but overall I still win! My lesson for the year is consistency is a win. Anyway—

365 days later here I am. I’ve kept a notebook of all of this and my gym will tell you I ask for printouts regularly lol. (I know I’m on their nerves).

I’ve been to the gym 266 times this year. Honestly, at first I was mad, I thought I’d been more. Haha. But it’s ok. I’ll do better next year. I eat a 1/2 banana every day I go to the gym. It’s just a thing. So, that’s 133 bananas. I eat oatmeal at least 3 Days a week—-that’s roughly 156 bowls of oatmeal. I take a ton of pics or have people take pics for me. For those who think that’s a vanity thing, lol, that cracks me up—that’s not it at all—it’s only to be able to see the changes and the progress, maybe there’s a little bit of “in your face” to people along the way who have told me I couldn’t do something, or would never do something —forgive me for that-but I digress—there’s something reinforcing about pictures and transformations. So here you go. One year down. Many more to go. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking with me. For more info about the year, check out my podcast interview below.

All my best, all the time!


side by side comparison of chesters face

On the left, Chester in October 17 on the right, Chester Goad 2015