I’d love to talk to you about consulting services to meet your needs and help you perfect your purpose.  Just shoot me an email:

LEADERSHIP CONSULTING:  I’d be happy to come talk to you about your leadership-related needs whether educational, policy-related, individual or team focused.  Let’s talk specifics.

PUBLIC POLICY RELATED CONSULTING: Have an idea for some legislation, but not sure where to start? Let’s discuss your focus and get started changing the system to work better for you or your organization’s interests. Navigating the political or public policy system can be a daunting task. I’ll help you sort it out and take you in the right direction.


I am an expert in access and disability-related consulting.   If you’d like me to come and check out your organization, school, or faith-based institution and help you make it more accessible and welcoming, I’m your guy!  It’s one of my passions!

FAITH-BASED ACCESS CONSULTING:  Is everyone really welcome at your church or faith-based agency?  Disability access is about way more than parking lots and ramps.  I can help you make your organization more welcoming and accessible for people of diverse abilities, disabilities, and learning differences.  From worship, to classes, seminars, and events, it’s possible to make your programs and outreach much more welcoming and accessible for everyone. I’ll help you think about things you may never have considered before and we’ll increase the effectiveness, and efficiency of worship and outreach experiences.  Let’s do this!

Did you know some fonts and colors are better than others on projected screens for people with visual impairments?  The same goes for bulletins and programs.

Have you considered what devices or services may make your programs and services easier to understand for those who are hearing impaired?

Has your organization received any training on diversity as it relates to disability?

How do you think you can make your fellowship meals and events more welcoming to people with dietary issues?

There’s so much to consider and access is sometimes just a matter of making simple adjustments or changes.

Let’s talk soon!  Email me, call or contact me on any social network!  I look forward to hearing from you!


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